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Bulletproof is Hampton Road's rockin' entertainment group, bringing the best rock, metal, and alternative music around! Be sure to visit the media page, as well as the shows page to be sure you don't miss us!


 07.03.2023  - We are updating the media section with new pictures and videos! Some of our files were corrupted, leaving unusable content on those pages. We are working on it, and will have new stuff being added throughout the week. We will be sending an email out in about a week, so be sure to look for it to catch the latest with Bulletproof!



 07.01.2023  - We apologize for the continued issues with the website, it has been a nightmare trying to keep it up and running. As of now, we are back online with full access! We had several good shows that weren't able to be listed on here, but we have a lot more coming up. Check out the SHOWS page to see where we will be next!


 06.29.2022  - Nothing to do following the holiday weekend? Come on out to Lovell's Place in West Point! They are hosting JT's Ride, which will begin and end at Lovell's, with Bulletproof taking the stage at 8:30! Be sure to check out the VIDEOS page, as we have uploaded new content for you!



 06.23.2022  - The SHOWS page has been updated again! New shows added, and 2 shows TBA due to the need to reschedule the events. Wanna stay up to date and know everything we have coming? Find us on Facebook! Click the link at the top of this page to check it out, and while you're there, do us a big favor and click that like button! The more we grow, the more we can do!

 05.20.2022  - Due to some minor issues with the mobile site, we recommend viewing the desktop site. If using the mobile version, open the browser menu (the 3 dots the the right of the web address), and click "view desktop site" for the best experience!

 05.20.2022  - Another show has been added! We will be at Big Woody's - Chesapeake Square on June 4th, and we want to see YOU there!!! We are ready to rock you with some intense shit! With everything from Molly Hatchet and Dinosaur Pile-up, to Tool and Pantera, we've got something for you... Come get some!


 05.07.2022  - The Langley Speedway show for this evening has been canceled due to weather. Check the shows page to see where we play next!

 05.04.2022  - Merch pics are being uploaded now! Everything you see, and more, will be available at all Bulletproof shows! We can't wait to see you!



 03.25.2022  - Bulletproof merch is available! Right now, you can get coffee mugs, lighters, bumper stickers, ashtrays, and decals! More items are in the works and will be available soon, such as: tumblers, shirts, beanies, bandanas, guitar picks, and signs! Keep an eye on the site, we will be uploading pics of some of the stuff we have soon!



 03.25.2022  - Another show is on the list! Bulletproof will debut at Lovell's Place (The best joint in West Point!). Check out the SHOWS page to learn more, and see where we are playing next!



 01.13.2022   - 2 new show dates have been added! Go check out the SHOWS page to see when and where! More shows will be added soon, and Bulletproof merch will be available at all upcoming shows! Don't like what we have? No problem! We will have vinyl decals to put on your items available as well, and will be taking orders for custom sizes to fit anything you want to deck out with the band on it!


  01.11.2022   - Want to help Bulletproof grow? You can help! We have been developing merchandise, with the ability to do custom orders! You can help us by donating or ordering something (email Don't feel like spending? You can still help in a lot of ways! Spread the word about us, get friends and family to join the mailing list, send us feedback and recommendations for merch and songs, etc.! The bigger we can grow, the better we can be! Thank you for all the support, we want to see you soon! 



 01.04.2022  - The video page has been updated! There are a few videos available now, with pictures coming tomorrow and Thursday! Be sure to check everything out, and check back as things are updated again!



 12.22.2021   - After a long year and a lot of money wasted, our issues with the website are over! We are back up and running 100%, and have some new things going on! We are currently developing a mobile app! It will allow our fans to connect with us better, and will even have the option for users to post and communicate about shows! We have also started down our merchandise path, and will be giving away some cool stuff at the shows! We will have a few items to sell as well, and can even take custom orders to put us on almost anything you want! Now that we are able to publish on the site again, we will be adding media and updates over the next week. Be sure to join the mailing list to receive Bulletproof updates via email!


 04.24.2021   - It was discovered that we have been having some server issues with this site, causing all of the updates over the last several months to not be shown. During that time, Bulletproof has been working hard! Other than playing a small handful of shows, we have been adding new songs to our list, and taking full advantage of the current VA restrictions by focusing on dynamics and nuances that make a huge difference! Bulletproof has 2 new show dates for May, and will have several new recordings to add to the media page! Check out the tour page to see where we will be, and come on out to get rocked! Thanks for sticking with us!



 09.20.2020  - The Langley Speedway show is back on! We are scheduled to play at the Speedway on 09.26.2020 at 5 PM. The original show was supposed to happen last month, but the weather forced it to be cancelled. Be sure to get your tickets online to guarantee your entry to the track! You won't wanna miss the set we are bringing!



 08.14.2020  - The Langley Speedway show is tomorrow! If you haven't gotten your tickets to the race yet, get online and reserve them now! Tickets will probably not be available at the gate, as they are expecting to sell out as they have over previous weeks. You won't wanna miss the set list we have ready for you, so be there or be square!



 07.23.2020  It's getting closer! The Langley Speedway show is only 3 weeks away! Remember, due to crowd restrictions, they can only allow 1,000 people through the gate. If you plan on going, please consider getting your tickets reserved in advance, as they have been selling out at every race so far. Also, with the heat that we have been experiencing over the last several days, remember to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water! (Note: Beer contains water)



 06.14.2020  - We now have our re-scheduled date for Langley Speedway! We will now be playing the speedway on August 15, 2020 at 5 PM. Bulletproof is excited that things are finally getting to the point where we can start playing normally again, as we have some truly kick-ass things coming your way! And with businesses opened back up, we will once again be working on our merchandise, so you can get some killer Bulletproof gear!

If you haven't seen it yet, head to the media page to hear some live tracks from the band! Thank you all, we can't wait to see you again!


 06.11.2020  - Listen up, Bulletproof fans! We now have a limited amount of media available on the website for you to enjoy! We have 4 audio tracks posted right now on the media page, although we are working hard to have more uploaded over the next couple of days.  We will also be uploading video, so you can get your fix until we are able to play out again! We would also like to take a moment to thank you all for your support and patience. Each and every last one of you make what we do possible, and for that we are eternally grateful. Stick with us, because we have new songs that are going to absolutely massacre you!!!! We can't wait for the energy we see from you at our shows, and you will have EVERY reason to go crazy when we can play out again! We are hoping to have the green light in about 2 weeks or so... If you haven't already, sign up for our mailing list to receive occasional emails with band news and schedules! Thank you all again, y'all rock!!!!    --- Bulletproof ---

 04.27.2020 - Get ready for a summer packed full of the best rock music in Hampton Roads! The band has been busy during the lock-down, and they are ready to come kick some ass! New songs, new venues, and much more! Check back here over the next couple of weeks, as we will be uploading some media for you to enjoy! Thank you for being patient with us during the lock-down, it'll be worth the wait!



 03.14.2020 - Don't forget the show tonight! Bulletproof will be rocking the Hampton Moose lodge tonight at 8PM. The show is still on! Come out and celebrate St. Patrick's Day the right way!



 03.02.2020 - Bulletproof will be playing a show at Langley Speedway on April 25, 2020 at 5PM. Come on out and enjoy the best rock in Hampton Roads, and watch the races!


02.25.2020 - We have added a new event! Bulletproof will be doing a benefit event, Rockin' for Rescue, at Hoss's Deli on March 28! All proceeds will go towards the T/N/R groups at the Cat Corner. Come on out and support a good cause from Noon - 4PM!

 01.09.2020 - Big things are coming for Bulletproof over the next couple of months!!!! If you haven't already, be sure to sign up for our mailing list so you can stay up to date on what's happening! Shows, merchandise, giveaways, and more are coming soon. Stay tuned for it all!



 12.25.2019 - Merry Christmas! We hope everyone has a great day with family and friends. Eat, drink, and be merry... but most importantly, be safe! Merry Christmas to you all, from the Bulletproof family to yours! 



 12.22.2019 - We would like to thank everyone who came out to see us last night! We had a great turn-out, and we had a lot of fun with a very interactive crowd. You are the reason we do this, so please continue to support us by coming to our shows! If you haven't already, be sure to sign up for our mailing list to stay updated on Bulletproof news. Again, thank you all, from everybody on the Bulletproof team!



12.14.2019 - Bulletproof needs your input! We are working on new merch for our fans, so we decided to ask you what you want! Head over to the CONTACT page and leave a message with a merchandise item you would like to see from us. You can also submit ideas and requests through our email at:

We will review all suggestions, and if we choose the item you listed, you will get one for free!!!



 12.14.2019 - Head on over to our CONTACT page to leave us a message or sign up for our mailing list! Be the first to know what's happening with Bulletproof! Make sure you also visit our Facebook page for instant updates, live streaming, and much more! Just search for Bulletproof Band, or click the Facebook icon at the top and bottom of each page on this website.



 11.24.2019 -  REMINDER!!! Bulletproof will be playing at the Hampton Moose Lodge, located on Mercury Blvd., on December 21, 2019 at 8pm. Come out and join us for the show!


 10.12.2019 - Bulletproof would like to announce our new guitarist, Rob Rowe. This guy kicks major ass, and with him and Alan Brown on the guitars, we are ready to bring you some noise! Check out the TOUR page and come get rocked!

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