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About the band

Bulletproof is a group of dedicated musicians with a passion for bringing down the house! With blistering guitar leads, thunderous drums, and bass that will snatch your soul from you, you can be sure that you're in for a damn good time! We play songs that nobody else does (and a few that they do), including songs that most people fear attempting! One thing is for sure...... you won't forget us!

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Kevin Ross - Drums

Kevin MF Ross, the self-proclaimed sexiest beast alive! This guy can beat the hell out of some drums, which is a good start towards validating his claim! Warning: Do not provoke. If the drummer shows hostility, you can escape by tossing smoked meats and beer to him. Oh, and don't rain on his parade.... I mean, who are you, Scrooge McDuck?

Ben Gosney - Vocals/Bass

Here he is, the Sinister Minister... The Pastor of Disaster.... Ben Gosney! As the superhuman of the group, Ben tackles the hellacious job of singing and playing the bass! The bass that he throws down will rip your spine out through your ass! Fueled by alcohol and bad decisions, this is another one to steer clear of. Traits: Likes beer, easily distracted, has more energy than that little energizer bunny.

Alan Brown - Guitar

One of the finest guitarists around, Alan Brown knows how to get down! He's like our own version of the Witcher (although much cleaner and far more peaceful). You haven't seen live music until you've watched Alan rip one of his disgusting leads!


*Disclaimer* Sorry ladies, he's married already!

Rob Rowe - Guitar

What do we even say about this guy? I mean, just look at the dumb bastard... Luckily, he can slaughter the crowd with leads that would make Dimebag Darrel smile!


     Things to know:

     - Can usually be found near the grill, drinking with Kevin

     - Has 2 rules:

     -- Pick your feet up when you speak to me

     -- Straighten your back, you banana shaped fuck

Dainan Gibson - Backup Vocals

The Daughter of Destruction, Dynamite D! The love of Ben's life, and the only one that can (kinda) keep him in line. You know what you call a bass player without a girlfriend? Homeless. With D backing us up, we add yet another dynamic to our sound!

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